Row after row of white marble headstones. Beaches that were stormed by Allied troops during World War II. A young Canadian with only his acoustic guitar and his camera.

War Music documents 22-year-old singer / song-writer David Porteous' solo journey across Europe as he writes and records music inspired by the people he meets and the places he visits.

David's journey is one to understand the war from the perspective of those most affected by it - the soldiers who survived, the civilians who still live with the war, and a younger generation who struggles to find a new identity.

David's powerful, emotive music provides a soundtrack that draws us deep into an often glamorized time in human history and gives us an incredibly honest look at how World War II continues to affect us.

War Music has been featured on:
- CBC Sunday
- The Movie Café
- The Toronto Star

- River Arts Festival
- CBC News

War Music Trailer